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Choosing the best system for your needs..


The options for gate automation depend on the installation but you should consider the following:

  • Undergate automation

  • Rams fitted to the gate

  • Articulated arms

  • Sliding gate automation

  • Automated barriers

  • Automated bollards

Whether you require mains voltage or low voltage.

We would be happy to discuss these options with you and give any advice you require.

Closed boarded timber gates with under gate motors
Sliding gate system with steel frame and timber infill
Commercial sliding gate


Depending on the driveway and access to the property you can normally fit either undergate motors or rams to the gates.  

You should bear in mind when fitting automation  the motors need to be powerful enough to move the gates smoothly but not be so powerful they can cause harm or damage and we can discuss issues like this with you.  You should also ensure you have adequate locking via the motors or  via the addition of a magnetic lock.

Sliding Gate Automation

Sliding gate automation is for the more convince and space saving option.

Existing manual sliding gates or gates unable to swing. Electric sliding gate installations can be available for both single and twin situations and in 230V and 24V with the option of solar powered.

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